This post is really boring

I’m not sure what I’ll be posting here, on my personal blog, since my VN trip is being documented on Return to the Motherland 2012. I think I’m going to try to keep from posting about my trip, at least in a passive tone. I really wish I could see how the blog looks, but unfortunately, blogspot and wordpress are blocked in VN. Luckily, my blog is hosted through a different hosting site, rather than through wordpress, so I’m still able to post and view my personal blog. For the family blog, we have to use blogspot, which allows us to make posts, but not view the blog itself. I dunno. It’s weird. So far, I’m enjoying this trip much more than last year’s trip. Having rooms for the cousins only, rather than having to share with the adults makes things more relaxed and enjoyable, and so far, we kids have been left to our own devices . . . No obligation to spend time with the adults, where we’d eventually get bored because they’d speak Vietnamese most of the time, and then we’d be stuck wherever they are. I’ve been having trouble with the jetlag, same as my cousins, but I don’t remember having so much trouble last year with it. I didn’t sleep on the plane like last year. For overseas flights, it seems that they have scheduled times where they dim all the lights to get passengers to sleep, and I assume that’s to help with the jetlag. I totally didn’t do that this time, read a book for the first half of the flight, and then slept for most of the second half . . . so I herped up this time. My cousin, Theresa, has been trying to speak Vietnamese, and since she knows less Vietnamese than I do, it encourages me to try and speak more often. Hopefully, by the time I go home, I’ll be able to speak a little better. My cousin, Quan, who’s gone to Viet school in Houston (sort of like Sunday school, but on Saturdays, and all you learn is Vietnamese stuff), is teaching me some of the grammar and stuff, so that I’m not totally illiterate. I’m excited because I’ve always wished I could speak Vietnamese fluently, but alas, the daycares in the US speak only English or English and Spanish, and I guess my parents spoke more English than Vietnamese to me when I was young, so I didn’t retain much knowledge of the Vietnamese language. I know this is a text-only blog, and I apologize for it not being as interesting as ones with pictures or the vlogs. If the internet is willing to upload the video, I’ll try to make a vlog for my next post. Until next time, Praxis
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