750 Words — Dreaded Drag’on of Dilatory

No call from Bath and Body Works today, either. I’m just going to go ahead and assume that I didn’t get the job, but I’ll probably call them sometime tomorrow just to make sure. In a fit of rage I applied to two clerical type jobs on Monster, so the quest for a job continues.

Look at that whopping 5 million HP. Defeating the drag’on will definitely take some time.

Habit RPG has started this new world event thing. A “drag’on” has appeared and is threatening Habitica. Every active user is automatically included in the fight against the drag’on, who takes damage whenever users complete dailies and to-do tasks. It’s interesting to see how lively the Tavern has become on HRPG as a result of this event. It certainly has motivated me a bit more to stay on track with my dailies so that I do the maximum amount of damage possible, and don’t contribute to the rage bar.

Filling up the rage bar triggers its Neglect Strike, which will result in some kind of damage to Habitica. However, that apparently doesn’t mean that we’ve lost or failed the quest. Since people were getting so worried about the rage bar filling up faster than the damage we’re dealing, one of the moderators stated that it’s been planned for that the rage bar will fill at least once. If/when the Dreaded Drag’on of Dilatory is defeated, everyone will get a mantis shrimp pet (which can be raised into a mount), plus 900 XP and 90 gold. Really, the only thing I care about is the pet/mount. I had to Google it when I first looked at the rewards, but check out this shrimp. DOESN’T IT LOOK AWESOME? I mainly like the color-scheme on it, but I guess it does look fairly intimidating as well.

In any case, you guys have HRPG to thank for this sudden daily blog posting style. I definitely recommend trying it for anyone who has been wanting to establish some new lifestyle habits. I mean, this is the cleanest my kitchen has been in months. I have counter space! And an empty sink! I’ve been eating 3 meals a day for 15 days in a row! And I’ve been cooking and eating real meals. I still only weigh 103 pounds or so, but that’s just a minor quibble and not that big a deal. The main thing is that I’ve gained weight and am finally over 100 pounds again.

So I’ve been going strong for about 2 weeks. I finally picked up my Adderall from the post office today, so we’ll see how that affects my habits. Will I become more productive? How difficult will it be for me to eat regularly on the medication?

Oh hey, look, I took this picture an hour before making this blog post.

Speaking of my Adderall, apparently my psychiatrist wrote me a 30-day prescription when I know I specifically asked for a triplicate (90-day). I called the mail-order pharmacy and requested that they send me a copy of the prescription so I could look at it (though I obviously don’t know how to read prescriptions, since I assumed that it was written for a 90-day when it was only a 30-day). I gotta admit, I’m pretty proud of myself for actually calling their customer service line when I realized that there was a problem. I feel like if this had happened while I was in undergrad, I would have balked at the thought of calling people. I may even possibly have just decided to accept it as it was and not make an issue out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still reluctant to call people and be confrontational even if the situation warrants for it, but I feel I’ve gotten better about it.

In other news (did I use this phrase yesterday, too?), I decided to stop by Walmart and just go ahead and buy some epoxy to fix my watch after looking it up on Amazon last night and finding that smaller, quick-setting bottles of epoxy were sold. If you look at the picture of my watch closely, you might be able to notice that I placed the ring a little bit off. I’m kinda hoping that I didn’t put enough epoxy on and that the ring will fall off again sometime in the future just so I can fix that. I wonder how long that is going to bother me. It feels like it’ll bother me for forever, but that would be a bit pathetic on my part.

I noticed that I’ve become oddly attached to my fail-of-an-arm-knitted-shawl that I made yesterday. Just as I had yesterday, I’m still sitting here with it draped around my shoulders and I keep fidgeting with it, so I’m assuming I like it even though I pretend that I kinda don’t. Maybe I’ll give arm-knitting another go sometime in the near future.

Here is another bonus picture of me sitting derpily with my shawl draped around me.

Until tomorrow~


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