750 Words — Knowing What’s Important

Maybe with this 750-word daily task I have on HRPG, this blog may become a daily blog type of thing. I don’t think that’s particularly good or bad, but it’s just very different from the usual style and pacing of my blog posts — tl;dr and once every like, 6 months. So it might actually be a good thing overall; there would be content on here in between my really long, more thought-out posts, and since some of my longer posts have half been me just summarizing things up until the current time, those longer posts might not end up so long anymore. Ionno. I feel like I don’t do enough in my daily life to have a daily blog, but I guess I can always just switch over to a brain dump if I have nothing to talk about. If anything, it should provide some insight into my thought processes.

Maybe I should start carrying my camera around more often. At least then I’d actually use it. Plus, it would provide me with some media to insert into my posts so it’s not just a massive wall of text. Of course, I could always use my smartphone (and I’m pretty sure the camera on my phone has more MP than my camera), but my camera is in a perfectly usable state, and I feel bad for leaving it just sitting in a drawer for most of the year. That, and sometimes my phone and laptop don’t play nicely when I try to transfer files between the two through a USB cable.

Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure the majority of such pics would just be of my pets, so consider yourself warned.

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This is the cover of the Python 101 book I backed on Kickstarter. I only purchased the digital version, though now I kinda wish I’d gotten the physical book too.

Hmm, I should also try to do another song cover sometime. I should actually just practice my guitar more often, in general. I’ve added it to my “Habits” list on HRPG, but since it’s not a daily, I’m still letting myself get away with not practicing as much as I should. Same thing goes with learning how to program. That reminds me, I think there was an updated version to the programming book that I supported on Kickstarter. I’ve been dabbling in programming off and on for the past few years (I think the curiosity started when Nightmaren introduced me to Linux way back in freshman year of college), so buying an actual programming book was kinda a way to motivate myself to study it more regularly. I paid money for it, so I should use it, right?!

I’ve noticed I like to use a lot of dashes and parenthetical statements in my sentences. Since I have ADHD, it always annoys me when I come across such things while reading. However, those tend to be references in scientific papers, and so they usually don’t provide any additional insight to the topic being discussed. But when I’m writing a blog or something, I have thoughts interrupting other thoughts so regularly, that there just seems to be no other way around it — and I can’t just leave the interrupting thought out because I consider it to be worth mentioning also.

Speaking of reading scientific/educational texts, eeeeverything seems important when reading educational texts. I’ve started trying to read through the paragraph first to get the gist of what it’s saying, and then go back and highlight relevant information, but it still doesn’t cut down much on what I think should be highlighted. Sometimes I think, “Ohh, this is important because it gives the reason for why the study was performed, so I’ll highlight it. But the following sentence explains why they do this thing in the procedure, so that’s important too, right? Maybe I’ll just highlight it in this other color, then.” “Sometimes” was an understatement. That’s pretty much what I’m thinking all the time when reading through scientific papers. And then with all that multi-colored highlighting the paper is in danger of looking like a rainbow.

I know, I know, bolded words, section headings/titles, things in italics — those are probably things I should highlight. But that just doesn’t feel like enough to me. What usually tends to be the case is that I either highlight nearly everything, or I avoid the stress of trying to figure out what to highlight by just dunning it. I have started to take notes and whatnot in pencil, but it still doesn’t feel like a streamlined and easy process.

Well, that was an unexpected turn of topic. That was kinda fun. Just typing and not planning out what I wanted to say, or agonizing over wording and syntax. This was nice. I hope you readers enjoyed it on some level too, but if you didn’t, well it doesn’t matter (much)! It’s my blog, I write for me, and so I’ll do whatever the heck I want!

That being said, I do appreciate any comments, and thanks for even taking the time to read my blog in the first place. Until next time (maybe even tomorrow?!)~

I feel like I need to have a sign-off on these things. Maybe I’ll just end it with —


(Fun fact, I just did a numerology thing on my name after reading the inspiration for Balance‘s online handle and this is what I got. How accurate does it sound?)

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