750 Words — Sleep (Or Lack Thereof)

It’s only 8 PM right now, but I feel rather exhausted. For some reason I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. It takes me a while to fall asleep, and I feel the quality of it isn’t all that great, either. I’m used to this sort of thing happening when I’m on Adderall, but I haven’t taken any for the past month or so because I ran out (picking up the new prescription at the post office tomorrow).

Here’s a picture of Jager. I am never going to be able to get rid of that Maruchan box now. He lies in it way too frequently for me to feel okay with taking it away from him.

I’m probably also tired from stressing out about whether or not I got hired at Bath and Body Works. I feel like it has become stupidly difficult to be hired for entry-level jobs. My sample pool probably isn’t big enough to give reasonable evidence of this, but c’mon, I’m more than capable of putting stuff on shelves according to a diagram, and while talking to people isn’t exactly my forte, I’m pretty decent at it when it’s one-on-one. If it’s because I’m “overqualified” since I have a bachelor’s degree, well that’s just even more frustrating!

Anyway, going back to the topic of sleep, a while back, my sister bought this lavender vanilla pillow mist for me as a gift. It’s an aromatherapy product from Bath and Body Works intended to enhance sleep, and when I went for my job interview at Bath and Body Works yesterday, I noticed they had a whole bunch of other products with that fragrance also; I’m thinking about maybe picking up  a bottle of their lotion in that scent. I don’t recall ever really having had trouble sleeping when not on Adderall, so I’m not sure why it’s being a butt right now. I guess it’s probably stress-related, and maybe I’ve just gotten so used to feeling stressed that I don’t even realize when I’m stressed anymore? In any case, I’ve noticed that when I flop onto the couch on my stomach for a rest, I pass out pretty quickly. I’m usually a side sleeper, but since I’ve spent the last few weeks flopping from side to side when I go to bed at night, I’m willing to try out a new sleep position and see if that does me any good.

In other news, I set up the plugin that automatically tweets when I’ve posted a new blog (Microblog Poster) to also post to my Tumblr. So if any of you came from there, welcome to my blog! I’d warn you that there’s not much of interest here on my site, but you should already know that from looking at my Tumblr.

This is my cute nephew, Owen! This was taken when he was about 2 weeks old — I went to visit him over Easter weekend. I’m just glad I like him lol.

I haven’t really done much today besides stress over my job application to Bath and Body Works and work on my nephew’s baby blanket. Oh, I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here that I’m an aunt now! My nephew, Owen, was born on April 11th. I’m actually going to be his godmother also! (I was really surprised when my sister asked me, so it’s a big deal to me.)

This blanket will probably be my biggest needlecraft project to date. The sweater I made my dad was pretty big, but this blanket shouldn’t be as frustrating since the pattern is so simple. It’ll just take a while to get it to a decent size. I’ll try to post pictures up here regularly to track my progress. (I’ll also post on my Facebook, so those of you who know me on there will see the same pictures.)

I’ve been trying to meditate more often recently, especially at night when I’m having trouble sleeping because I keep stressing out about all the things, but I’ve found knitting to be a pretty meditative activity. Counting and keeping track of rows and stitches keeps my mind focused on one thing, similarly to how in yoga, you’re instructed to focus on your breathing while doing the poses. It’s also nice to do while watching TV shows or gaming streams, since I usually choose fairly simple patterns that don’t require too much attention. I’d say that crocheting is also somewhat meditative, but it requires most of my attention since it’s so much easier to lose track of stitch count. I definitely enjoy knitting more than crocheting, but I still appreciate having the skills to do both. They each have their own projects where one method is more suitable than the other, so being able to do both just gives me that many more projects to choose from. Not that I need more. I still have a half-finished scarf that was supposed to be someone’s birthday gift last year. (They’ll still get it! Eventually . . . )

13.5 hours in, and this is all I have to show for it. I’m not sure whether or not to feel that I’ve gotten a lot done for that amount of time. At least it’s starting to look like a blanket!

I’ve been working on it more often, now that I’ve added “Knitting/Crochet” to my Habits list on HRPG. So every 30 minutes that I work on it, I reward myself, and since it’s already a fairly rewarding task, it’s like DOUBLE THE DOPAMINE. Or something. Ionno. Shameless neuroscience reference? Speaking of neuroscience, I’ve added “Read one ADHD article” to my To Do list since I have that folder of all these scientific articles I found when I first was diagnosed. You’ll probably be able to tell whenever that happens, as the content of my post for that day will most likely talk about it at some point or another.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got to talk about for today. The only other noteworthy thing I did was play Diablo III for an hour. The furthest I’ve played so far is the beginning of the third act (out of 4, and for only one character), so I need to finish that game. Since I originally started playing it with my brother-in-law, I felt like it was a multiplayer game experience thing, even though the previous Diablo games were single-player. Not to mention the fact that the Diablo franchise is kinda RPG-ish.

I’ve been going to sleep around 2 AM the past few nights, so I’m thinking I might be tired enough to pass out before midnight tonight. I’m sure tomorrow you’ll hear about whether sleeping on my stomach was a success or a failure.

Hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday, I’ll be able to blog good news about being hired at Bath and Body Works. Otherwise you’ll probably just get an angry rant about the difficulty in finding a job.


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