Another Boring Text Blog. And I’m a Retard.

This’ll probably be a fairly short blog. We’re leaving Saigon in about 20 minutes and heading to Nha Trang, which is supposed to be a 9 hour trip. I’m currently working on a post for Return to the Motherland 2012, and I know my cousin, Theresa, is also currently writing a post for it, which she probably will publish before we leave. I’ll be publishing my post to Return to the Motherland 2012 after we get to the hotel at Nha Trang this evening. Or maybe tomorrow morning. So, my Samsung Captivate is advertised as a world phone. Of course, having received it through ATT, it was locked to only work with an ATT sim card. The past few days, I researched websites that would retrieve the unlock code for my phone, as well as android applications that advertise to do the same thing. I found a promising app, and since it was free, decided to try it first before paying a website $10 to give me the unlock code. Thursday afternoon, while fabric shopping, my aunt, Di Hoa (who is kind of a local and took us to the fabric shops), let me try her sim card in my phone to make sure it would work. When I tried the unlock application at that time, it didn’t appear to work. But I was determined to unlock my phone and asked her to get a Vietnamese pre-paid SIM card for me, anyway. I tried the app again with the new SIM, and once we got back to the apartment in the evening, I tried a few other apps. After seeing that none of the apps had worked, I decided to go ahead and get the unlock code through a website for $10. A few hours later, I had the unlock code. What was worrying me was that I wasn’t prompted to enter the unlock code after inserting the foreign SIM card. I searched google for a few hours to see if anyone else had the problem, but for the most part, everything I found was for something else. The rest of the night, I tried finding a way to enter the unlock code, or to even get the phone to register that there was a SIM card in it, since it had been saying “No SIM card. Emergency calls only” the whole time. Once we got back to the apartment after going out to drink after dinner, we all pretty much went to bed and passed out, including me. And then I had a night filled with dreams of me trying various ways as I tried to get my SIM to work. At 5:45, I woke up and started searching again, but from a different perspective. Before, I had been searching for why an unlock prompt would not show with a different SIM card. This morning, I searched for why a VN card might not work with a Samsung Captivate. Needless to say, that search wasn’t very fruitful, either. And then, the herp retardedness. When fiddling with the SIM cards (my ATT and the VN one), I had a sudden moment of revelation. I’D BEEN PUTTING THE CARDS IN BACKWARDS THE WHOLE TIME. I put in the VN SIM card, the correct way, and voila, I suddenly had cell service. And I didn’t even have to use my unlock code, so I guess one of those applications had worked. And now I have an unlock code, just in case. What’s really herp is that I’d put my ATT SIM in my phone the night before, while we’d been drinking, and it had shown the “No SIM card” on the lock screen. Somehow, it hadn’t registered that it should’ve detected my ATT SIM card. HERP DERP
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