About Praxling

Challenge Accepted Praxling is a fledgling graduate student who is still trying to learn how to be a proper student — which is difficult to do with her recent adult-ADHD diagnosis. Her current focus on life is to learn more about herself in light of her ADHD, and to learn how to work through the problems that her ADHD presents — all while working towards her master’s degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience. She hopes to eventually obtain a PhD in Neuroscience (though the exact name of the discipline might be something else) and research for a career, in addition to teaching about it.

She’s an introverted person, and sometimes antisocial enough to be considered a hermit; however she does have a small number of friends. She’s been working on that aspect of her personality though, and she feels she’s gotten a bit better about being more sociable and friendly.

Praxling’s name stems from the word “praxis” (defined as “practice, as distinguished from theory”) and “lingalinh” (which is a nickname based off her real name). She chose to use “Praxis” because she follows the principle(s) that “actions speak louder than words”, and one shouldn’t just “talk the talk, but also walk the walk”. However, it was a more commonly chosen username than she expected it to be, so that’s why it was modified to “Praxling”, which is hopefully entirely unique. Besides, it also sounds like a “mini Praxis”, or someone who is the product of the actions they’ve taken in their life so far.

For entertainment, Praxling likes to partake in gaming (most often RPGs, hack-and-slash, action, and occasionally FPS), reading books (and manga), crocheting, knitting, (occasionally) physical activities (ex: rock climbing, soccer, basketball), watching anime, writing/blogging (once in a blue moon) and eating. This (kept as candid as possible) is her world. Please fasten your seatbelts and keep all limbs inside the vehicle. Enjoy your ride.

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