Why did you pee on my blanket? Did you not realize that the covered litter box is still your litter box? It is late. I am sleepy. Yay for extra hour of “sleep.” Don’t forget to turn all your clocks back by one hour!
  • heylogan

    Years off? Are you taking years off before you finish? I guess I didn’t catch that.

    Maybe I will try that brand. I get Whiskey’s food from Petsmart, too. I have her on a Purina One kitten brand. The first food I bought for her was Blue Buffalo which is supposed to be really good (and is also very expensive), but I guess it was too rich for her to deal with.

    I like that both of our cats are named after alcohols.

  • heylogan

    Yyyyyyeah, I actually *had* bought Whiskey a food with a meat as the first ingredient. Her pooing has lessened since I got her on some cheaper stuff.
    And no, I named her myself.

    Taking a year off sounds good. Getting a job in industry or what?

  • heylogan

    Are you intending to be a doctor?

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