Fail Vlog #2: The One That Is Entirely Too Long

Sorry guys, I had no idea that I could ramble so much. Originally, this video was ~28  minutes long — apparently I consider my rambling important enough to still make you listen to 20 minutes of it. I’ll try to keep my list of topics uber short next time!

Ghetto setup #2 (And hopefully the last one)

Ghetto setup #2 (And hopefully the last one)

I’m going to go ahead and post this now, but I’ll probably edit the text portion of this blog sometime in the future.

Also, I was totally kidding about having a boyfriend. Because he figured out that all he wanted was a “casual” relationship, and I have no understanding of that concept at all. Casual relationship = friendship to me. That should make sense, right?! I suppose that will be the topic for my next text (only) blog.


Extra time for me to study for the two exams  I have the week I get back from spring break looollll.

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