Fail Vlog 5: I Think I’m Getting Better At This!

Herp — I meant that my sister and her fiance got D3 for me as an early BIRTHDAY present, not early Christmas present. Also, sorry about the dim lighting . . . that’s just how I usually keep my apartment, and I forgot to turn on another light to make the lighting better. And yes, I know that the last sip of hot chocolate I took in the video was timed absolutely horribly. (Wut, you mean that stopping in the middle of a sentence is inappropriate?!?) A couple of other plus points about bartending that I didn’t cover in the video: – I could use it as a fairly self-sustaining source of income should I need to use it as such. – It would help me further in becoming socially adept, which would help with med school applications and interactions with future patients. – I would get more interaction with customers as a bartender than as a server, which ties in with the previous point. – I would get paid more than if I were to be a server, which ties into the first point. – It could help me become more “well-rounded”, as opposed to if I were to try and get a job in the medical field as a scribe or something like that. I JUST WANT A JOB GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.
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