Fail Vlog 7: In Which I Sing

Just FYI, if I suddenly stop talking and look away for a few moments for seemingly no reason, it’s probably because my pets were making noise and I got distracted.
Since I’d gotten all pumped up to do a cover of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive,” I went ahead and recorded it as a standalone video.
  • Nightmaren

    These videos are just soooo entertaining to watch. I love how your pets kept distracting you in the first one with the suspicious glance at about 5:10 being my favorite, especially since I have been the recipient of it many many times. It may not be the main purpose of your videos but your personality hilariously shows through.

    As for the second video, your singing is good and all (surprisingly to me since I haven’t heard you sing since like freshman year) but the bloopers were the best part. I like to imagine that 90% of your recording sessions were like the bloopers lol

    • Praxis

      Sorry for taking so long to approve this message. You know how I always end up dunning wrong.

      I’m glad you are able to enjoy my vlogs in spite of me being distracted by my pets. I feel like seeing me so distracted could be distracting itself, thereby decreasing interest in the vlog. Then again, this is you we’re talking about, and since we’ve known each other for so long, you
      can probably clearly imagine what kinds of things are going on whenever I’m distracted.

      Honestly, I think the bloopers were the best part also. And, I don’t think 90% would be that much f an exaggeration — I know I did at least 20 minutes of recording and re-recording of that song before getting through without any mistakes or pet noises. And even then, you can hear Jager meowing at the end of the video portion.

      Also, you heard me sing freshman year? I don’t remember when that would have been. I guess his vlogging, being an officer of an organization, and taking classes where I have to present stuff is starting to pay off. I’m still self-conscious about singing in front of people, but less so than before, and now I’m apparently comfortable enough to record song covers.

      I think I might record more vlogs with the guitar. It’s a nice prop to hide behind lol.

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