Fail Vlog(s) 3: Peas Feed Me Herpness

All right, I think I have these two videos in the right order. I can’t tell for certain right now because the videos are being converted and can’t be played as I edit this blog. The first vlog should be me talking in my pj’s about my drive home from Dallas. Also, wtf am I doing with my legs/feet? I think it’s safe to say that I fiddle quite a bit when talking, in one way or another. Of course, I also fiddle around when I’m not talking . . . I’m just a fiddler. Fiddler on the roof? Obscure (maybe) Jewish movie reference from BCA.

Anyway, this first video was filmed the same night I got back home from Dallas, which I probably say somewhere in the video. But I can’t be sure because I haven’t watched it since I first filmed it over a week ago. Oh wells.

This was the recording of the game “Peas Feed Me” on my old computer at home. I said that I didn’t know what the game was based off of in the vlog, but upon closer inspection, at the intro screen, it says that it’s based off of a TV show. Makes sense, I  mean I can see the game setting being an actual scene in a TV show.

I’m gonna try and find it so I can have it on my laptop too lol. It’s always nice to have a game (or something) you can play (or do) that requires no real thought and is amusing, and therefore, relaxing to play (do).

The outfits looked something like this, but my sister's was pink and silver instead of red and gold. Red and gold is reserved for the actual wedding day.

The outfits looked something like this, but my sister’s was pink and silver instead of red and gold. Red and gold is reserved for the actual wedding day.

So yesterday (Sunday) was my sister’s engagement ceremony. Traditionally, in the Vietnamese culture, the male’s family prepares/performs the ceremony for the female’s family. I guess one could compare it to the man asking the woman’s parents for her hand in marriage. Except more fancy. Since my sister’s fiance is not Vietnamese, my parents decided not to force Brad (and his parents) to prepare the ceremony themselves. Of course, the ceremony could have been skipped entirely, but my parents wanted to do this for my sister because “they’re worth it.” Not entirely sure what they mean by that, at least, not in specific terms.

In any case, it was nice and there was lots of good food and my sister and her fiance got to wear fancy traditional Vietnamese clothes for the ceremony. I got to meet Brad’s parents (along with the rest of my family, which means parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles . . . the whole kit and caboodle), and they left me (and I think most everyone else) with a good impression. However, aside from the honoring of ancestors and procession of gifts at the beginning of the ceremony, the whole thing didn’t really feel much different from a regular holiday get-together.

The roast pig is so good! It has a crunchy skin while the actual meat remains moist and super flavorful.

I guess this is a nice way to describe the ceremony and give some detail about the reasons behind certain parts in a short-and-sweet kind of manner.

What’s funny is that my mom told me that I have to marry a Vietnamese guy because she’ll cry if both of her daughters marry “American” guys. I think it’s relatively safe to assume that American = white. When I told my sister that our mom had said that, she laughed and replied that “it’s not her decision to make anyway.” Which is all true, but to be honest, I’ve kinda inherently known that my parents expect that of me, or would like that, so my preferences have been shaped to include that as a requirement. Of course, before this little conversation, the preference hadn’t been as definite, and I’ve only dated white guys so far, but I’ve always felt that it would be best if I found a Vietnamese guy who also fit all my other preferences.

The point is, I don’t mind that my parents have really narrowed down my “sea of fish” into a pond. Even though it was my mom who brought it up, I’m sure that my dad feels the same way.

So, in other news, my cousin accompanied me back to Dallas last night. He’s a high school senior and is using his college days to visit my campus (more as an excuse to miss school than due to interest in my college). We didn’t get back to Dallas until 12:30, and early on in the ~5 hour trip, we stopped at a gas station to fill up my tank and grab some energy drinks. I had the bright idea to grab a Monster Java Loca Moca (energy drinks and coffee have never really worked consistently on me; half the time I feel they had no effect at all, the other half they’re super effective), and by the time we got to my apartment, I was pretty awake. As a result, I’ve pulled an impromptu all-nighter, one in which I actually wasn’t totally unproductive. I gave my cousin a tour around campus, we sneaked into some of the buildings, and I actually did some studying for one of my classes.

Thank goodness I only have one class today (technically, I have two, but the second class is pretty fail). I feel somewhat tired right now, but not like I’m going to pass out. Hopefully I can stay up until this evening, and then go to sleep at a decent time.

My cousin leaves for Houston tomorrow evening/afternoon, and the plan seems to be that he’ll take the Greyhound bus back. I’ll have to drive him to the station, though, and I’m not entirely sure where that is, though I’ve been told it’s in downtown. I just hope I don’t get stuck in rush-hour traffic.

And even with all this extra time I got from not sleeping, I still haven’t unpacked my clothes and whatnot.

  • Luthienb08

    I’m just going to comment on all three here.

    Good work on your tests! I’m really happy for you. You’re doing much better than I am. 

    That boy sounds super, super dumb. Other details on his retardation? Any other boys?

    Yes, that guy should not have been using his blinker. That’s generally why I don’t turn out of places even when someone has their blinker on like they’re going to make a right into it. I never trust them. I look like a doofus, but at least there’s no risk of accident. 

    Is that an actual picture of your sis and future bro-in-law? They look so fancy. 

    Also the job people sound gay. Sorry about that.

    • Praxis

      Thanks! It’s probably more because these are classes that I like and understand better. Also, I think the exams might be easier, though I can’t really compare to previous years since I didn’t really put in effort into studying before.

      Umm, yeah, I guess I gave him too much credit. Just another personal experience that supports the growing notion that LDRs (at least, relationships that begin as LDRs) are not good ideas, and no matter how much you may talk with the other person through phone calls or texts or what have you, there is always a side that you won’t get to see and therefore there is always something about them that you don’t know. And no, no other boys for serious consideration in my radar.

      Yeah, as much as a pain in the butt it would be to have something like this implemented, I think people should have to retake the driver’s test (at least the actual driving, if not the written portion) every few years in order to keep their license. It would keep stupid drivers off the road and keep less stupid drivers from becoming complacent. Including me.

      And no, that picture was just found on Google. I didn’t have any when I posted the blog. They still looked pretty fancy though. :]

      And yup. I’m just going to assume that the job people are gay and I wouldn’t have wanted to work with them, anyway. Because that whole bit about improving my typing as a suggestion to increase my chances of getting hired if I reapplied is definitely a load of crap. I know I’m repeating myself now, but why the heck would you even ask someone into an interview if you felt that their typing skills needed improvement after having already seen their results from a typing test? Stupid. Just stupid.

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