I don’t need people as long as I have cats.

This isn't really my situation, but the conclusion applies all the same. Except I also have a dog. And am a girl, not a boy.

I know, I know, it hasn’t been a week yet, and I already have another post up? Crazy talk! But hey, I’m doing this instead of studying for my neuroanatomy exam on Tuesday, so it’s not completely out of character. I’ve had this comic saved on my laptop for a while. A friend showed it to me a long time ago, and I found it so endearing that I decided to keep a copy for myself. (Whoever made this comic is a genius. GENIUS.) It never occurred to me that I might someday use it as a way to express how I’m feeling. I actually feel annoyed that I’m in this situation. I’m currently trying to decide whether I should attempt to drag the blog content out to the length of the image, or if I should just keep it short and sweet and apologize for having the image be so large. But I wanted you guys to be able to see it without having to click on it in order to enlarge it. Ohhh, the choices. OH! As long as I’m rambling, a fellow blogger found this blog-ish website that is basically an archive of chat logs between the blogger and his cat. It’s quite amusing, though it seems that the author hasn’t updated in a while. Of course, I must pass this on to you all, my nonexistent readers. Without further adieu, the link: Louis vs. Rick Ehh, it’s kinda embarrassing, but I slept in today and neglected to let my dog out immediately when I got up, in spite of the numerous times he indicated his need to relieve himself outside. So, as it turns out, what goes around comes around . . . sort of. I don’t think that saying fits in this situation. Anywho, my dog wandered into the bathroom where the litter box is. I thought he was nosing around in the litter box because he was digging for some buried treasure (since it was an uncovered box), but nooo. Instead I find him squatting by the box, relieving his bladder. It wouldn’t have been as bad if he’d actually gotten his urine to go in the box, but as the box is located under a counter and Toto is a big boy, that was just not possible. Now, I’m not sure if he actually was intending to dig for buried treasure and just happened to be unable to hold his urine any longer, or if he was trying to use the litter box because he knew that’s where Jager does his business. If it’s the latter, then maybe my dog is more intelligent than he lets on. Suffice it to say, I’ve now gotten a covered litter box for peace of mind after having cleaned up the whole mess in the bathroom, and I should not ignore Toto’s persistent indications to let him go outside in the future. Cleaning the bathroom prompted me to clean the rest of my apartment, though, so overall, it wasn’t a bad experience and I ended up being rather productive today. Of course, I’d get on a whole new level of productivity if I studied. I just noticed that my site title doesn’t really make much sense. “Peering through the watch glass”? What?
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    Haha, the link!

    And I love this comic!

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