It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . .

I'll get rid of my stress even if it's the last thing I do!

I’mma be really stressed out soon. You thought I was going to say “Christmas,” didn’t you? We’re not even past Thanksgiving yet! Class registration for spring starts next Monday! I’m a senior by credits, so I get to begin registering for classes Tuesday morning. I’m currently looking at 15-17 hours for spring semester, and hopefully, I can start some research during the summer. I’m still having some trouble with procrastination and focus when studying, so I’ve begun counseling at the counseling center on campus to see what tips they have for students struggling with time management and whatnot. And, ultimately, to see if I have ADD/ADHD because, honestly, that would not be surprising and would explain a lot. In addition, my GPA isn’t all too competitive right now, so I’m going to hold off on applying to med school by (hopefully only) a year, during which I will perhaps continue with research, gain hospital experience (volunteering and shadowing), and possibly also get a job. It’s somewhat comforting now that I’ve come to the decision to wait a year. I’ve yet to tell my parents that, though, so I’m also nervous about it. Other updates? I got a cat! His name was Woody when I first met him (at the shelter at which I’m currently volunteering), but I felt that it didn’t fit. He has now been renamed as “Jagermeister.” Yes, like the alcohol, but that wasn’t the reason for which I named him. I like to call him “Jager.” My dog, Toto, is pretty herp and isn’t aware of how to properly interact with a cat. It also doesn’t help that Jager’s declawed, so whenever he hits Toto in the face, Toto thinks he’s playing. They get along, which is what I was hoping for; the only problem is that Toto always wants to play. And he is not a small dog, by any means.

This was Jager's first day at home.

Hmm, I also had a boyfriend whom I had begun dating in February. Our relationship ended this past Wednesday, and I’m trying to keep from blaming myself too much. I know that I’m not the only one to blame for the failure of this relationship. I’m upset, but moreover, I’m agitated that I do not know the complete reason for this recent turn of events. Seeing as we’re both short-tempered individuals, it seems that he was tired of arguing all the time. It’s a reasonable thought, but I can’t help but feel that there’s more to it than that. Ah well. The decision was, for the most part, mutual. It just feels like it happened very abruptly. In any case, I’ll try to remain optimistic about the whole thing. The weather has been looking nicer. I feel that we skipped fall, though. Or that fall is more close to feeling like winter rather than being a halfway point between summer and winter. As long as I’m no longer sweating buckets outside and then freezing in my classes, I’ll be happy. Here is my pre-New Year’s resolution: One post per week. It shouldn’t be too difficult, right? As long as I don’t try to write a novel every time, I think it’ll be feasible. So, see you guys next year week.
  • heylogan

    You have a blog!

    And a cat! How is your cat?

  • heylogan

    Oh that sucks! Do you get any free services from the vet because you adopted her from a shelter? I tried adopting an older cat over the summer and had to give her back because she was crazy. This cat, Whiskey, is much better. She poos A LOT but I am trying to find a food that will help with that. I hope your kitty is okay!

    And I am also staying a 5th year at college. I decided that a couple of weeks ago. Took a lot of stress off, it did.

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