Rambling. Like a boss.

Lol my dad had to write the letters for the keys that had been rubbed down by overuse on the keyboard. Toto is freaking out because I fed him outside and he’s not used to not being around me all the time. He’s worried that I’ll leave him or something, I suppose. Jager seems like he’s having the time of his life; his tail is constantly swishing back and forth. He probably likes the bigger space of a house compared to my apartment. There are also more places for him to climb on, which makes it easier for him to get away from Toto. My parents don’t really like the fact that he jumps everywhere, though. Last night, he slept on the bed beside me a few times because it was tall and big enough to where Toto couldn’t bug him unless he jumped onto the bed himself. He tried to a few times, but was pushed off each time and quickly learned that he wasn’t allowed on it. Lady has been hanging out inside the house a few times since I got home last night. My parents don’t seem to mind it at all anymore, though she can’t stay inside because she’s used to being an outside dog. I haven’t seen her go to the restroom before, and she probably doesn’t know yet that she can’t go to the restroom inside the house. Toto’s really trying to bust through the back door. Sandy bit someone while they were visiting the house, apparently. My mom took her to the vet to see if she has rabies or not. We’ve never kept our dogs up to date on their shots, but my mom sounded upset that my sister and I hadn’t taken Sandy to get her rabies shot every year, since it costs only $13. Sandy has to stay at the vet for 9 days for them to observe her and verify whether or not she has rabies. If she does, she’ll have to be put down, so here’s to hoping that she’s okay. She’s always been wary of visitors, and sometimes nipped at their heels if they got too close to her, but she’s never actually bitten anyone. Time for some old news? Hmm, well, I finished the semester rather poorly. Got a C on my last Neuroanatomy exam, leaving me with a B instead of an A. I straight out failed the Biochemistry final (not cumulative, thank goodness), leaving me with a D. I doubt I’ll be retaking the class, and this just makes it more official that I’ll be applying to that masters program at UNT for premed students needing to better their GPA. The only problem is telling my parents of this decision. In any case, my other classes finished on a good note. I herped up plenty of times during the piano recital, but more due to nervousness than my inability to play. My professor was able to tell that I put effort into it, which is what was most important. Toto is body slamming the door in his attempts to get in. He’s really not used to being in a separate room from me. Poor baby. My psychiatric appointment left me confused. The psychiatrist said that, if I had ADD/ADHD, it would most likely be ADD, but the little rank-these-statements-on-a-scale-of-1-to-5 questionnaire isn’t a definitive test, so he couldn’t say for sure. Same thing with the depression questionnaire. Both said I likely had mild forms of ADD and depression, respectively. Based on our conversation throughout the hour session, he said that I had depressive symptoms, but didn’t say outright that I had depression. So . . . what the fuck? He didn’t hesitate on asking if I wanted to try a medication to see if that would help my problems, and I would like to think that he’s not one of those doctors who prescribes medicine to keep their patients from complaining or something. So I’m going to interpret his prescription as a confirmation that I have enough symptoms for it to be highly likely that I am mildly depressed and may have ADD. :< Anyway, I was prescribed Wellbutrin. Our follow up appointment is in January, a week before classes start. During this month, I also intend to try the Ubermann sleep schedule, where you basically train your body to go into REM sleep every time you go to sleep. You take 20 minute naps every 4 hours, or 30 minute naps every 6 hours, leaving you with 2 hours of sleep and 22 hours of time awake. People who have been on this schedule state that once you get used to it, you feel energetic all the time, but that missing a nap is hell and quickly drains you of energy. Not to mention that the process to getting to that point is almost like hell. Toto’s gonna end up tearing the door apart, and it’s time to eat. I’m going to take care of both those problems now.
  • http://www.KeptAfterClass.Onigiri.us Nightmaren

    Have you noticed any effects as a result of the Wellbutrin? I am curious just how relevant treating depression (if present) would be to your ADD-ish problem. Perhaps it’d motivate you to break out of the cycle?

    • http://thewatchglass.com Praxis

      Well, I can’t say much for my mood. I mean, I felt pretty good most of the time over the break, but that could also be due to the fact that it was winter break and me not having to stress over school work. And if I’m remembering correctly, the psychiatrist said that Wellbutrin can also be prescribed for ADD (probably mild ADD), so it basically works for both.

      I’m hoping that’s what will happen. I’m not planning on taking the medication forever.

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