The Watch Glass

The Watch Glass is a venue for the authors to humorously (in their opinion) share their thoughts and lives with the world (which, for the most part, does not realize their existence).

A chemistry watch glass.

A watch glass is a piece of glass that is used in chemistry. It is used as a beaker cover, a surface on which solids can be weighed, and as a surface to evaporate liquids. When used in evaporating liquids, the watch glass is a surface on which precipitates gather, allowing one to closely observe the precipitate (usually crystals).

Similarly as a watch glass can be used in a variety of ways in a lab setting, The Watch Glass will also be used in a variety of ways by the authors. Overall, it will be used as a place for the authors to archive chapters of their lives, but within that, its purpose will also be a place for them to rant, muse, and possibly make connections with individuals with whom they have never personally met. The Watch Glass is where the authors can shoulder off their burdens, weigh their choices, and observe and analyze the course of their lives. Peering through the watch glass. This site is where the authors can compile various details of their lives (like various chemicals in a beaker) and view the reactions that result from their decisions from a safer distance (through the watch glass). How’s that for metaphors.
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