TMM – Week 1 (Pt. 2)

This morning, it was a little tough to stay out of bed. After I turned my phone alarm off to keep the derp dog from howling (how’s *that* for extra motivation), I turned back towards the bedroom and looked longingly at the bed for at least 5 seconds. It sounds rather underwhelming now that I’m describing it haha. In The Miracle Morning book, the author (Hal Elrod) likens waking up for his MM routine to waking up on Christmas morning — eyes flying open, being instantly awake, and excited for the day. I haven’t quite gotten there yet. It’s definitely still a struggle for me to not crawl back under the covers, but luckily, Hal was right in that your motivation level in the morning increases as you go through a consistent pre-MM routine — drinking a glass of water, brushing your teeth, turning the lights on, and changing into exercise clothes or taking a wake-up shower. I’ve noticed that I’m considerably more awake and motivated to stay up by the time that I’m on the toilet emptying my bladder, which is usually right after I turn my alarm off. (That was possibly TMI, but hey, I’ve talked about my self-esteem issues and whatnot on here, which for me felt way more embarrassing than talking about common bodily functions.)

In any case, it’s day 4! Woohoo! Maybe on one of these days I’ll do a vlog instead of a text post instead, just so that y’all can actually see the time that I’m up and doing stuff.

The past few days, I’ve actually been waking up before my alarm goes off. Usually it’s a “what time is it, did the alarm go off? No? Okay, back to sleep” kind of thing. I woke up 10 minutes early today, checked my watch, thought “Okay, I am *ready* for my MM at 6”, and fell back asleep. Does that seem a little counterproductive? I don’t know. Then again, it’s also possible that I’ve just been dreaming doing this, because at 5:30 in the morning, it’s pretty difficult to see my watch, even with the whole glow-in-the-dark hands — they’re pretty much not glowing anymore after ~6 hours of darkness.

The other day, I bought another self-help book off of Amazon — Your Life Can Be Better: using strategies for Adult ADD/ADHD. I’ve begun reading it during my MM routine, and a little outside of it too, and so far I’m really enjoying it. The experiences described and the tips to cope make sense, seem doable, and are broken down in a way for simple, straightforward implementation. Plus, the chapters are broken down into short chunks and have a summary at the end of each that reinforces the message.

I’ve haven’t been taking my ADHD medication for pretty much this entire semester because of a change in health insurance providers and as a result, a change in benefits and coverage. However, I’ve always thought of them as a temporary solution anyway — maybe with this MM routine and the ADHD strategies book, I can actually get to a point where I’ve got things together for the most part, for a majority of the time.

Today was the groggiest morning yet. But hey, one more day and it should start feeling more habitual and slightly less effortful, right? Part of it is probably that I’m sleep deprived — the other day I accidentally took a 3 hour nap when I went to cuddle with my boyfriend when he went to go to sleep for the “night” at noon. Not sure if I mentioned this in Part 1 of this week, but in the MM book, Hal suggests this theory that whether we feel tired or energized when we wake up in the morning is based more off of whether we tell ourselves that getting ___ hours of sleep is not enough, or more than enough, since the recommended hours of sleep people need is a fairly wide range, and people can vary a lot in how much sleep their own body needs. I admit, the brain is pretty good at tricking itself and the rest of your body into things (e.g., the placebo effect), but I even if I wake up feeling energized, that doesn’t necessarily mean that my body agrees that I’ve gotten enough sleep for the night.

Tl;dr, maybe I’ll just have to start going to bed at 9 PM. That sounds kinda nice. Who am I kidding? That sounds *really* nice.

Only one more day in my first MM week!

All right, I totally fell asleep during my MM routine today, but I still got up at 6 am and did it. In between all my dozing, that is. Guess all that sleep deprivation finally caught up to me. But hey, week one is done for the MM and tomorrow starts week 2! I still need to fill out the 30-day challenge fast-start kit (free downloadable stuff), so that I can have a little bit more direction during the visualization part of the routine. That’s probably harder for me to do than the meditation, haha. I’m not sure, but I think there’s also a place to get a basis for developing your own personal affirmations, as opposed to using the sample affirmations included in the downloadable materials. Then again, since there’s a set of sample affirmations included, maybe there’s not a step-by-step part for making your own.

I’ve noticed myself becoming more easily irritated the last few days. I bet it’s because of the sleep deprivation, because it’s not the right time of the month to be PMS-ing. Maybe I’ll take a nap after I get home from work today. And on that note, I need to start getting ready for work.

Maybe next week my posts won’t be only about my MM progress lol.

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