Whoooaaa, It’s a Vlog!

If I don’t look directly into the camera lens for a really long time, it’s because the eyes are the window to one’s soul AND I DON’T WANT YOU TO STEAL MINE. (HERP LOGIC)

All right, I know that I haven’t posted a blog in a while (2 weeks wow, has it really been a month?), in spite of saying that I’d post one at least once a week. Sorry! We’re trying something new in this blog. Although I state in the video that every other week will be a vlog post instead of a blog post, I’m sure that I’ll still have some text to go along with the video that comments on the video or adds anything I may have forgotten to say. In other news (since I didn’t really give any updates on my personal life at all in the video), I’ve been doing pretty well in my classes. The lowest grade I’ve made on an exam so far is an 88. I have one tomorrow, and another neeeext week, I think? And then it’s SPRING BREAK, HUZZAH! I’ve found the solution to keeping Jager from peeing on my furniture and whatnot; cats appear to seriously prefer the sand-y texture of regular clumping litter, rather than the more earth-friendly biodegradable (and flushible!) Feline Pine that I use. Except, he still uses the covered litter box (that contains Feline Pine) to defecate in. The uncovered litter box, which contains regular kitty litter, is used only for urination. Is just weird that my cat should have two litter boxes all to himself. Ummm, I got my navel pierced last Friday, and the story behind it is pretty lame. So I shall spare the details on that.

This is my ghetto camera setup because I don’t have a tripod.

Ahahahahaha. I’ve definitely fallen behind on my workout schedule, but luckily, I’ve found people from class who like to workout after class every Tuesday and Thursday, so I’ll probably begin going with them to the gym. In my off days, I’ll try to get myself to do some stuff with the balance ball I got from Target. Those workouts are pretty challenging! D: Umm, ummm. I suppose I should do a video of a close-up of the Kindle Fire case that I made. Like 3 weeks ago. Next time? I thiiiiink that’s most of what I intended to say. Also, it will take forever for me to get used to the way my voice sounds to other people. I think I sound rather nasally. And awkward. Very awkward. But so nasally! Oh and I have a boyfriend now what?Except I shouldn’t because I should be focusing on school and premed stuff and stuff.
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    WTFMAN Improvising is my thing! Also I’d say camera makes you look fat, but it’s prolly not the camera, amirite?

    Interested to see more xD

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