750 Words – Mind Maps & Persona Q

It’s been a few months since you’ve seen one of these, huh? I didn’t realize the 750 Words post I made was in July. Lol! I just realized that I kept up with those for only a week before starting “The Ones Who Matter” series, so I didn’t really establish much of a routine before messing it up, anyway. I guess since it’s been a while since my last post talking about things going on in my life, I’ll do a quick recap of the past few months.

  • I got a job at New  York & Company
  • My nephew was baptized and I’m now his godmother.
  • One of my older cousins got married and had a suuuuuuuuuuper fancy wedding reception.
  • I went clubbing for the first time.

These are my notes for one of my Systems Neuro chapters. I think this is the first time I’ve *ever* taken notes while reading a textbook. I’ve only ever taken notes in class.

I think that about covers all the big events. Otherwise my life has been pretty much the same as past semesters: trying to figure out how I study best, trying not to procrastinate, trying to eat healthy, trying not to fail classes. The usual. I’ve been using this program called XMind for the past month or so, and I think it’s the best method I’ve found so far. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “mind mapping” is a diagramming method for visually organizing information around a concept. I like using the computer program rather than pen and paper because:

  1. I’m not limited to the physical dimensions of a piece of paper
  2. I can paste images from my book into my mind maps
  3. I type faster than I write
  4. I don’t have to keep up with physical pieces of paper
  5. I can rearrange things in my maps later on if I feel like it
  6. Mind mapping is kinda fun, and the above-mentioned benefits of using a computer program increase the fun-ness, which makes me slightly more motivated to study if I’m able to use it

I’m only using the free version right now, but if I continue to use it next semester and see a positive effect on my studying habits, then I might consider purchasing a license for it for the additional features.

Persona 4 screenshot

The characters are one of the reasons I love Persona 3 and 4.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about in this post is the Persona game being released this coming Tuesday for the Nintendo 3DS. After playing Persona 3 Portable last year, it pretty much instantly became my favorite game, so one major reason that I want to buy it is for nostalgia’s sake. Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth (click for a review about the game) originally wasn’t very high on my wishlist, but after watching a stream of the gameplay on the Atlus Twitch channel last week, I got so excited that I impulse pre-ordered the game. Now here I am a few days later, trying to be a responsible adult by talking myself out of my pre-order. Let’s do a quick pros and cons list.

Pros (Why I Want It):

  • New map-drawing gameplay from Etrian Odyssey

Cons (Why I Shouldn’t Pre-order It):

  • It costs $50 and you should be saving money
  • You have games on all your consoles (PC, PS2, N64, PSP, & 3DS) that you haven’t played/finished
  • There’s always the possibility that it will be on sale in the future (though somewhat unlikely)
  • You wouldn’t be able to play it until the end of the semester anyway (assuming you don’t want to fail your classes and get kicked out of the master’s program)
  • If you pre-ordered it, you would probably start playing it immediately, fail your classes, and get kicked out of the master’s program

Here, have a random derpy photo of me.

It’s pretty obvious that canceling my pre-order is the right/smart/adult choice to make, but it’s difficult ignoring the screaming fangirl inside of me, even if denying her this game is only temporary. It’s a good thing I started using my budget program again, otherwise I’d probably lose the battle to my inner fangirl. I think I’ve managed to compromise with her by agreeing that we can get it once we finish Persona 4, and also pointing out that we can tide ourselves over by playing the feMC route on P3P to completion. This also gives me more motivation to finish P4; I don’t play my console or PC games anywhere near as avidly as I games on my PSP or 3DS. While portability (as in easily taking my games with me whenever I travel) is plays a part, the major reason for this is that I can play games on my PSP and 3DS while laying down on my bed, and am not confined to one position/direction. Maybe if I had more comfortable furniture, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue.

Being a responsible adult sucks.

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