Blogging is such a pain in the ass!

It appears that my cousin’s readers got confused as to who’s was whose posts whenever I posted on her blog (Return to the Motherland 2012), so from now on, I’ll be posting my stuff on here. I don’t know what blogger/blogspot looks like, but I thought that the author name would be listed somewhere near the title or at the bottom of a post, which would prevent such confusion. So I spent about an hour writing a blog post that continued from where I last left off, but when I tried to save the draft, the internet decided to be retarded and not actually save it. I clicked on “save draft”, the page it took me to was like, “Are you sure?” with a link that said “Please try again”, and then it takes me back to the edit post page with everything I had written gone. Needless to say, I am calling it quits and will probably not post again for a few days, at the least. WHAT A BITCH.

In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture taken from a gondola in Nha Trang to the VinPearl resort.

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