Fail Vlog 4: In Which I Apparently Don’t Have Any Self Control

So herp, I’m still working on finding a satisfactory camera setup for my vlogs; I’m seriously thinking about buying one of those mirrors that hair salons use (you know, to show you what the back of your head looks like) and setting it behind my camera so I can see what the heck I’m doing while vlogging and adapt accordingly.Until then, sorry when I try to show you stuff and you actually don’t really see it. And same goes for me being off-center for pretty much the entiiiiiree video.

So last night, my sister posted this on her facebook wall. We’ve kinda talked ourselves into wanting to do it, but given the fact that we’re way out of shape and probably pansies, we’re waiting ’til at least next year (probably October) to participate. However! We think we might volunteer at the one in Austin this October and see what it’s like. I think it sounds fun! Granted, a 10-12 mile obstacle course sounds really grueling . . . we’ll have a lot of work to do before we can consider ourselves ready for the challenge. Neither of us have done that kind of thing before, so we both figured that it’s something we want to try at least once in our lives.

Here’s a picture of the Konexi game where we were determined to use all 26 letters. What words can you find?

And this video makes me want to buy a used PS2 and DDR and be all awesome on it. (And it’s also actually pretty decent exercise!) He makes it look so easy! This guy is the creator of the Dead Fantasy series and works as an animator and choreographer for Rooster Teeth Productions, the company that makes Red vs. Blue. This video and this video were both made by Oum using mocap (Motion capture) technology, and Oum choreographs and performs the dances himself . . . So in short, I’m saying I’m jealous of his dancing abilities, haha. And it’s also pretty amusing to watch those videos and imagine him dancing to it.

So my piano II class had a recital yesterday (Sunday). I only played my duet piece because I didn’t like my Baroque piece enough to want to perform it for other people. Now, my partner and I had been practicing for weeks, and our performance of the piece was pretty solid. Apparently, I still get quite a bit of stage fright because I totally herped up big time while we performed our duet. One part, I’m not sure what messed me up, but I had to stop playing altogether for a few seconds. Another part, my left hand decided to skip a measure, and so I had to drop its part for a few seconds as well. I know I messed up somewhere else, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. And my hands started shaking halfway through the piece. Fuuuuuuu —

And I thought it would be easier/less stressful for me if it were a duet because I wouldn’t be up there by myself. I feel like I was even more nervous than if I had been performing alone, though I don’t know why that is. PUH. Whatever. Guess I’m not meant to be a performer.

Ionno what else I had planned on talking about so I’m going to end this vlog/blog now.

Sorry for having so many links in this post loooooolll. Was that title too long? Herpp.

  • Luthienb08

    Hey! I haven’t watched the video part because I’m at work, but I thought I’d check in again. 

    One of my best friends, Ngoc, just went to Tough Mudder in Dallas. She didn’t participate, but her boyfriend and a some of her sorority/fraternity friends did. It seemed pretty fun, but hardcore. Good luck with training for that, yo.

    Glad to hear your bike is safe!

  • Nightmaren

    Hey! I totally watched the video part because I’m at work.

    Glad to hear your bike is safe!

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