I Was Totally Gonna Post a Vlog/Blog Today

Edit: GOOD NEWS! Turns out that the campus police were just being super cautious and picked up my bike in order to prevent it from being stolen. I’ve already gone and picked it up from the police department, and all is well in the world. :D I’ll also try to put up the vlog/blog I had planned to post during the weekend by tonight. I hope everyone’s having as good a day as I am! But someone stole my bike. This means I have had a bike stolen from me TWICE in THREE months. See, I can get having a bike stolen from me once, especially since the first one was just sitting on the bike rack unlocked, but this time, I had LOCKED THE REAR TIRE TO THE FRAME. So lemme backtrack and give you the background. I had biked to the Jonsson Performance Hall at around 12 AM to practice piano on the nice Steinway, which took some sneaking about in itself, since all buildings are generally locked by this time at night. But there’s usually at least one way in, through one of the buildings, and with all the skywalks, entry into one of them pretty much equals entry into the rest of them. Anyway. Practicing in Jonsson Performance Hall. Towards the end of my practice session, around 1:30 or so, I hear noises outside of the hall, but since no one bothered me and I heard no talking, I just kept practicing and ignored the slight commotion. I leave the hall around 2:10 AM and see tables set up in front of the hall (as if in preparation for an event later in the day), which made me pause for a second while I tried to remember whether or not those were there when I first got to the hall. After concluding that they were set up during my practice, I leave the building through the wheelchair/handicap accessible door, which is where I had left my bike. AND IT WAS GONE. And I was liek, “WTF.” So then I walked around and checked all the nearby bike racks to make sure that it wasn’t on one of those, moved by someone who thought it would be a fun prank to take someone’s bike and place it elsewhere. I confined my search to the nearest buildings because, after all, the rear tire was locked to the frame, and I doubt a prankster would go through all the trouble of carrying a bike to a far-off bike rack. This also is likely the reason that allows me to eliminate the student population living on campus. And then we go back to the fact that someone had been in the building while I was practicing. Given that the buildings are locked and that tables were set-up, it was likely a maintenance person who had the keys and the task of setting up tables. Being a maintenance worker, this person most likely also had a pick-up truck. In addition, being a maintenance person, it wouldn’t be suspicious to see this person driving around on the campus at night, in between buildings where there aren’t any roads. Therefore, I conclude that a maintenance person stole my bike. Because they had a truck, they were able to just simply throw my bike into the bed and drive off to their house, where it would be simple to use bolt cutters or whatever to remove my bike lock. And then voila, new bike for child, wife, or self. Really. Why did it have to be mine. Technically, it’s not even mine. It’s my friend’s, who lent it to me after having purchased a fancy new bike. WHATEVERIDON’TCARE. Anyway, the vlog I was planning to post is already uploaded; I went to practice piano during the time it was uploading. So expect to have a vlog/blog in the next few days, if I can stop raging long enough to finish it. No wonder I have no faith in humanity. AND HAPPY EARTH DAY I GUESS.
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