• http://www.KeptAfterClass.Onigiri.us/ Nightmaren

    hi i was wondering when the prince of persia stream will be back???

    • http://thewatchglass.com/ Praxling


      Or I guess whenever I get around to buying a legit PS3 controller to use with my laptop, since an xbox one won’t work with Prince of Persia.

    • http://thewatchglass.com/ Praxling

      So it turns out I was just being herp when trying to configure my xbox controller previously, but I’ve finally figured out how to properly do it. So you can consider it to be “back”, but based on how infrequently I stream games, I’d suggest you not get your hopes up on seeing it anytime soon.

      ‘Cause you know, it’s way more important to dun.

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