Travel Vlog: Dunning Jobs and Getting Healthy


Look at this happy baby! One of my sister’s guests used to make balloon twisting art, so Owen got a fancy birthday hat.

I was going to talk about this in the video too, but I’m pretty sure I totally forgot. During spring break, I had taken my car in to the Ford dealership in Austin because it was still having the same problems that were supposedly supposed to be fixed with the recall last year. For dumb reasons, that dealership wasn’t able to diagnose the problem because the technician who specialized in the code they got from the car was out sick. So I left my car in Brenham since spring break so that my parents could take it to the dealership, so that I wouldn’t have to deal with not having a car if the Escape needed to be left there. I’ve been borrowing my mom’s Hyundai Elantra in the meantime. I used to drive that car when I was in high school, so it was pretty interesting to see how the car had aged in that time.
And he hulked out in the process.

Owen totally demolished his smash cake.

Anyway, the issue with my Ford Escape was actually with a sensor that is responsible for gas being pumped to the engine when the gas pedal is depressed. I’ve been pretty skeptical of my car ever being actually “fixed” considering my past experience with taking it to the dealership and getting it back “fixed”, but I immediately noticed a difference in the way it drove on the way back to Dallas today. Before, you’d feel a noticeable lurch whenever the car was shifting gears, but today it was hardly noticeable, and it didn’t hesitate in accelerating/switching gears like it used to. It felt really nice to be driving my Escape again — I didn’t realize I’d miss it haha.

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